Afraid of losing your job? Be prepared and stop worrying!

The phobia of unemployment can quickly destroy a person, both psychologically and physically. Here are some tips on how to turn an enemy into an ally.It is no secret that during a period of economic instability, the fear of losing a job covers all minds. This type of fear can very quickly destroy a person, both psychologically and even physically. Neuroses, heart and stomach diseases are just a small list of the companions of this fear.

Why people are afraid to lose their jobs

The saddest thing is that the more a person is exposed to the fear of losing his job, the more likely he is to actually lose it. The reason for this phenomenon is that this fear makes some people very “toxic.” Hidden negative qualities suddenly awaken in a person. He begins to see in each of his colleagues a competitor and a direct threat to his place. He is trying to expose or denigrate his colleagues, in the hope that the dismissal of an employee will reduce the risk of losing his job for himself. Sometimes it even works, but in most cases, it leads to the opposite effect. An attentive and smart leader, can quickly figure out and understand who actually poisons the atmosphere in the team and quickly gets rid of this employee. Since he understands that he, on the one hand, reduces the efficiency of the work entrusted to the head of the unit, and on the other hand, this employee at some point may try to “poison” the life of the head himself.

In a certain part of people, the fear of losing a job causes an inferiority complex. They begin to constantly be in a pessimistic mood, lose their self-esteem, become active in their work, and also gradually turn into a certain type of “toxic” people. This condition immediately begins to catch the eye and, naturally, they become the first candidates for dismissal, since any manager is interested in maintaining a positive emotional background in the unit.

Upon careful consideration, most of the negative manifestations of fear of job loss are caused by the realization of one’s lack of professional competence and low sociability, coupled with an unwillingness to change something in oneself. But it should also be noted that the fear of job loss, in some cases, can carry not only a destructive function, but also a creative one. If this is understood, then often it is the fear of job loss that prompts a person to be more disciplined, comply with corporate rules and prevent their violation.

There are many examples when this particular fear helped some people to stop drinking, to change their lifestyle and attitude to work. Therefore, your main task is to tame this fear and turn it from the enemy into an assistant. But in order to overcome the fear of job loss, you need to be prepared to overcome such a problem.

Practical tools in overcoming loss of job

To survive in a difficult period with minimal losses, experts advise to first tidy up finances.

  • The goal is to ensure a constant cash flow, so as not to eat away the savings. You need to deal with unpaid bills and debts and determine what can wait and what needs to be paid immediately. For example, the debt on utility bills should not exceed 6 months, and if you have not yet found a new source of income, you can wait a bit with them.
  • Even during a crisis, do not grab onto the first job that comes across.
  • It’s better to find a temporary job – freelance or part-time in parallel with finding what you really like. This will not only provide cache flow, but also allow you to gain new experience and connections. But it is most reliable to have a comprehensive emergency plan in stock.
  • Everyone must gradually save money. The savings should be of such a size that it would be enough for 3-6 months of a comfortable existence.

Even with a permanent place of work, I never give up small part-time jobs. And the point here is not so much in money, but in maintaining useful relations in the current state.